Founded in 2008, we cover the eastern white pine tree, the people who
work with the wood and the technology that make it more sustainable.

Grade Rules Available for Eastern White Pine

The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) is the official grade rules writing agency for Eastern White Pine.  As such, they are the leading authority for developing and distributing technical data important to the design and use of products manufactured from this widely-used species. Listed below are links to important reference information useful to both design professionals and consumers [...]

Marketing Brochure for Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine Folder Brochure A showcase folder containing tabbed information on all aspects of designing, specifying, installing, and finishing Eastern White Pine products. Single-sheet, front & back Tabs include Grading Rules, Technical Facts, Siding Installation, and Exterior Finishing.

Traditional Patterns for Eastern White Pine

Patterns of Eastern White Pine This updated publication showcases the official 23 standard patterns of Eastern White Pine.  Printed in a 4” by 9” horizontal format,  a single page is devoted to each pattern which includes an illustration of the final “look” of two pattern pieces is shown on the page as an inset.  Two pages of end-use photography make [...]

Ready for the debarker

Eastern White Pine at the Mill getting "de-barked"

What mountains? Oh, the beautiful white pine roof in this pic makes it easy to overlook the landscape.